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But while culturally females may consider men to be rather simple creatures, nothing could be further from the truth.My clinical work and research as a neuropsychiatrist and professor of clinical psychiatry, in fields from neuroscience to evolutionary biology, convinced me that the unique brain structures of men create a male reality, fundamentally different from the female one. You're chatting to your partner in a cafe when you catch him salivating over your shoulder at a buxom 20-something. Like it or not, the lust centre in the male brain automatically directs men to visually take in the details of attractive females.There’s an unwritten understanding that during the day, the dorm room is fair game. If you are going to talk, leave the room and do so outside.However, after about 10 or 11pm, keep the noise down. In a large dorm, it’s hard to have perfect silence — people get that. But if you are in a smaller dorm, your noise is going to be heard much more easily, and earplugs won’t always work. Keep the lights off – Expanding on this theme, if it’s past 11 or before sunrise, keep the lights off. Use a flashlight or the glow from your i Pod to find what you are looking for.It used to amaze me that so many people would be rude and inconsiderate to others in the hostel — leaving dirty dishes, having sex in dorm rooms, or being loaded, drunk, and uncaring then turning around and being angry if someone didn’t let them catch a moment of sleep.Sometimes I think that before everyone goes away, there should be a class on how to properly behave in a hostel.

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But unlike other addictions, this one isn't officially recognized.To your partner's brain, the buxom woman was like a colourful hummingbird.