Methods pregnancy dating

30-Jan-2018 18:58

There are several ways you can make an educated guess.

There are a few methods for figuring out your date of conception.

Counting back 3 months results in the date of June 16.

Finally, adding a year yields an estimated delivery date of June 16, 2001.

The pregnancy due date can be determined by any of the following methods, some that can be done at home by the expectant mother.

However, a doctor will determine the final due date taking more than one factor into consideration, such as confirming the due date obtained by calculation from the LMP with the results of an ultrasound examination.

Summary statistics for GA using each reference method were determined (n = 131).

Once you get pregnant, it is often difficult to determine your exact date of conception.The difference between LMP estimates and estimates based on ovulation day or ultrasound was 9 and 12 days, respectively.