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'When Mr Schick described it to me he said, "You'll love it, cause you're right with the people", (he was right, [unknown] from lady's [unknown] fogged up the the piano player's glasses and he couldn't read the [unknown]).

'I knew things were going too well in Detroit (Saturday night we did 50 minutes and had to literally "Beg Off" - a little bragging) for it to carry over in another town.

When he arrived in Portofino, Bobby first became involved with an older woman: Sandra’s mother, Mary Douvan.

“Sandy’s mother was even tinier than Sandy,” remembers actress Carol Lynley. Pretty, perky, very personable, very up, but tiny, like bell skirts and bright colors and a little Pomeranian.” Bobby soon shifted gears and infuriated Mary by courting her daughter.

Sollte es sich bei der Flssigkeit, die Amy (Amy Schumer) und Aaron (Bill Hader) sich hier zufhren, etwa um Milch handeln?

Dann msste man sich fragen, was wohl in der Milch drin ist, das die zwei Verabredeten so erheitert.

„Monogamie ist einfach nicht realistisch“, erklrt der Vater seinen halbwchsigen Tchtern.

When it later got back to George that Francis and Darin were still in touch, and that Darin was trying to convince his 18-year-old girlfriend to elope with him, an angry George chased him away with a gun, insisting he never darken their door again.'Then I went into my dressing room and for a long while I sat staring at myself in the mirror.I was staring past my image really and it suddenly dawned on me that I am absolutely nothing without you.